Clinical Resources

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SVMC Protocols and Resources:

Hospitalist-Pharmacist Workflow for Remdesivir.pdf

SARS-COV-2 Infection handout.pdf

Code Blue Recommendations.pdf

Intubation Recommendations.pdf

Guidelines for Supporting Respiration COVID-19.pdf

Adjusted Cardiopulmonary Algorithms for COVID-19.pdf

COVID-19 Decision to Admit and ED Workflow.pdf

DHMC Guidelines for Supporting Respiration in COVID-19 Infection.pdf

DH Intubation Protocol.pdf

Medicine Resources:

IDSA COVID-19 Resource and Response Center

IDSA COVID-19 Treatment and Management

Brigham and Women’s COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines

U Washington COVID-19 Resource Site

UVM COVID-19 Clinical Pathway


General Resources:

VT Department of Health Current COVID-19 Activity

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center


Our World In Data

Cardiology Resources:

ACC: COVID-19 Resources

OBGYN Resources:

ACOG: Outpatient Assessment and Management for Pregnant Women With Suspected or Confirmed (COVID-19)

Pediatric Resources:

AAP: FAQs Management of Infants Born to COVID-19 Mothers

AAP: COVID-19 Initial Newborn Guidance.pdf

Pharmacology Resources:

UVM Medication Conservation Guidance for COVID-19.pdf.pdf

Radiology Resources:

ACR: Recommendations for the use of Chest Radiography and Computed Tomography (CT) for Suspected COVID-19 Infection

Surgery Resources:

Medically Necessary, Time-Senstive Procedures - Scoring System Worksheet

Medically Necessary, Time-Senstive Procedures - Scoring System Article.pdf

Patient Resources:

CDC: What to do if you have suspected or test positive COVID-19